Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's been a little bit friends.... not that long, but too long. I miss writing. I've written a few posts in my head but there is never any time to sit at the computer and organize it in my head and get it all typed out exactly as I like it. 2 weeks ago I had a great one... Can't remember what it was though. :)

In all of this though, I wish, sincerely wish, that I could express to you the depths of my joy. I'm tired, a little overwhelmed trying to juggle loads of overtime at work, working a little part time gig for myself, and maintaining things like groceries in the house and laundry, and in all of that in the last few weeks there has rarely been even a moment when I didn't want to just cry or shout because the joy is just so intense. God is so good. And the best part is that I don't say that God is good because I have joy, but that I have joy because God is good. And it is VERY intense.

I've been considering so many things in the last weeks, the main one being that I'm not the person that I was. It seems like when I first started this blog that I had so much to say.... but now just a few years later it feels like so many of these things are so intense that I cannot find words for them. 5 years ago I said I loved God. Now, when I say that I love the Lord I want to weep for those small words just can't convey what I mean. I love the Lord. Even now, just writing this silly thing tears are falling as I wish I could just write down what knowing Christ has meant.


...The reason I write today is just to say that I'm still here. This blog is still incredibly important to me as an outlet and that I'm still going to finish blogging through the books of the Bible that I started. There may be a few smaller, regularly blog type posts before it gets up but I'm working on finding some balance but at least for the next couple of weeks work is so intense that it won't be "balanced" with anything. I'm ok with that. It'll get there.

And during these times when the blog falls quiet and nothing seems to be happening I just want to touch base and let you know that I really appreciate all of you that have followed me on blogger, put me into your google reader, or just check back every so often to see if anything new has come up. I appreciate you.

I'll be back!

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