Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do I trust Him?

It's interesting how things change by degrees.

Someone asks for $100 to pay a bill and asks you to trust them to return the money. You consider it, then make the loan. "I trust you."

Then the next day they come back and they suggest the "Trust" game. You fall backwards, they'll catch you. Just trust them. You consider it, and ultimately decide you trust them enough to risk it.

The next day they come back and they want you to talk about a painful secret you've kept all your life. The hesitation there is longer.

It's the same word, every time,  but there is trust, and then there is trust, and then there is trust.

I've been challenged by Eric Ludy's constant chant in his sermons - "GOD CAN NOT  LIE - Do you trust Him?" Over and over and over again that same message appears in his sermons until one day it really sunk into my heart and I began to ask myself - Do I?

Maybe I've stepped past the first trust, maybe I've even fallen backwards and risked the second trust, but am I to the next degree of trust? And. even so, I have the feeling that if I do reach that platform, there will be yet another degree to be seen and challenged by.

I'm not worried about painful secrets, or falling backwards, or even $100. But I do wonder, when so much of my life is a question - what the answers are. And in the absence of answers, what are my thoughts going to be about the questions? Do I trust Him?

God is good. I've seen it, lived it, proven it. It's a fact.
But I've noticed that even when I follow facts and let them lead me, that I walk along with questions and concerns.

I like that I'm seeing this question in my heart right now, before...
I appreciate that I have time to pray about it, and ask God to bring me to the level of trust in Him that I should be at.
I'm thankful to be listening to a good preacher who is asking me these questions.
Lord, t'is so sweet to trust in You,
Oh for grace, to trust You more.

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