Thursday, May 11, 2006

Are you listening?

I had a very interesting thing happen yesterday, individually they seemed unimportant until I got to the end and realized what had happened. It started at 10am, when I met with my bible reading group and one of the chapters we read that day was 2 Chronicles chapter 1. Then after lunch I happened across an article that made me click a link, the linked article was interesting, and so it made me click another link, from that link I ended up clicking a link to take me to where I was able to read the first five pages to a book about Gods sovereignty. In this book the author was discussing how God's sovereignty is proved by the fact that I have nothing without Him. He gives me all things and I must thank Him for all things. Just as I got into it my 5 pages were up and it took me to the back cover. I thought nothing more of it. Until...
I went to church.
Once at church, my pastor asked us to turn to our text. 2 Chronicles.. chapter 1. Where one of his points was that Solomon asked God for something, (wisdom) and God not only provided Solomon with what he asked for, but also wealth and riches like no other king before or after. Then the pastor began making the point that the same God that gives wisdom, has full authority to give anything and everything. By the end of the service I was nearly sweating frustration out my pores as I tried to reason out an idea that seemed to be just beyond my grasp. I hate those moments. I was getting a general thing that God was trying to tell me, but there seemed to be a huge revelation that is just out my minds grasp.
But that's not the main reason I'm writing right now, I'm writing right now because I just want to be a reminder to you. God is still out there, daily involved in your life. He's showing you things, trying to teach you, and watching you grow and change (whether you're growing closer or farther from Him). Pay attention, because when He's speaking to you, you don't want to miss it. Seriously.
If insert famous name here called you on the phone in the middle of your busiest moment at work, it couldn't be more hectic, and s/he wanted to tell you something. You'd stop whatever you're doing and listen. Remember to treat God with that same awe.

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