Saturday, May 13, 2006

How do you spend your last day on earth?

If you knew that today or maybe NEXT Saturday was going to be your last day on earth, would your life change drastically?
Do you have fences you need to mend before you die? People you meant to witness to but never had time? Someone you wanted to remind one last time that God forgives? Would you choose to spend the quality time with your family rather than spending an hour finding out who was one step closer to being our next American Idol? Would you suddenly begin speaking more kindly to your family? Would you begin offering more compliments and encouragement and maybe even trying to share wisdom to help them when you were gone?

I want, more than anything, for my last days to not be panic filled moments where I tried to cram a lifetime into those 7 days or hours. And in my last instant, I don't want to think about how I didn't have enough time to finish. And I most definitely don't want to imagine God's performance review over my wasted time.

But, to have that, I can't wait until I'm diagnosed with something, or a car is hurtling towards me and my time is over in an instant. I have to make my changes today. In return I receive a satisfied, peaceful life that is in a constant state of readiness.
I will not say anything about your life, and give advice on you making a change in your routine or actions. I'm simply telling you all this to make you think about your routine and actions, in your own way. So, think on.

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Dazzler's Domain said...

yeah, I think Mars would be cool to live on....