Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Changes are afoot, or ahand.

Lotsa stuff going on around here, you just can't see it.

I'm very excited to announce that I'm now a writer. 1,090 posts later I have applied for a writing position with a start up website and have been accepted as a writer for encouragement articles and periodic blog entries.

It's taking me awhile to get used to a non-blog type way of writing. And you'll see, if you stop by and visit the website, that I've stolen some of my favorite posts from here to build up an article listing before the officially launch.

The launch is currently set for October right now. And the website is looking good. I'm happy to be a small part of what the folks there are trying to do.

I'll give you more information, and certainly more official information, once the site is open for business.

I'm also officially writing greeting cards for a greeting card company. And by officially, I mean I'm writing them, but don't get paid. It will be months before I find out if they have used any of the submissions I send in daily. There's a "process". In other words, it's slow. But it's a very enjoyable thing to wake up and spend the morning penning sonnets for people I'm pretending to know. Let me know if you ever want something interesting to write in your "Dear Boss" card eh?

In other information, this blog has changed just a little bit. I have finally caved in and allowed Blogger to switch me over to the "layout" format (which it's been trying to push me to do for two years now it seems). I hate the layout format.
I hate the layout format.

The fact that the layout format told me I could click and drag things around my screen to arrange them how I want them, and yet no amount of clicking and dragging seemed to budge anything really irks me.
I hate the layout format.

Hopefully with time I'll adjust and get out of my cantankerous old woman "I hate change!" mood and figure out this new system and how to make it work for me.

Just count yourself blessed, I was going to have commercials on here but the screen froze up and I was too tired to try again.

I'm ready to write for you again. Excited to see where we go in the next few months. And especially excited that I really feel as though my faithful followers (2 according to google, and a handful more according to sitemeter) are actually walking along with me - even though you're all apparently mutes.. comments are so hard to come by. I'm ready to drive this boat somewhere. Ready to tackle the world it feels like.
But first I need a nap.

Stupid layout format.


Louie said...

Just so you'll know, I follow you, but do it in my Google Reader, so I don't know if that shows up or not. I've seen my numbers drop a lot too, and wonder if at least some of that is due to people following me in RSS feeds?

I'm thrilled about your writing!! Good on you! I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for those start up websites too!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I follow you too, as I find your words inspiring, and you are kinda cute. :)

Congratulations on the writing jobs. I'm looking forward to the website. If you need any help writing, feel free to shoot me a line.

flyawaynet said...

Hey Louie!
I use my google reader too - I think you might have been the one to put me onto the program.

I found the writing gig through craigslist - you'll have to watch out there. It's the most interesting place I visit each day. Well, besides my reader feed I suppose. :)

Only thing with the feeds is that I don't comment on blogs and follow the conversation as much as I used to. I miss that. But love being able to keep up with so many blogs so easily. Thanks again!

God bless you too, I'm following you as well on reader so count me as one of your many fans. :)