Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dye-ing to self.

A truly beautiful little 12 yr old girl I know wants to dye her lovely brown locks blond.

And I told her, from my stores of infinite wisdom (har har): "You will never make yourself more beautiful than what the Master Creator has already designed you to be."

The most creative Being you could possibly imagine has designed your hair, your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, all flowing together with perfect harmony and beauty. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Inside. And outside.

So if you're changing your body, your hair, for simple funs sake - by all means go right ahead. But if you're changing it to be "prettier" you will never be more pretty than when you are exactly what God made you.

I said all this and got my typical reaction "I better go home now" :) She's used to lectures from me on being what God wants. I'm almost surprised she still visits at all when she doesn't seem to want to hear what I say. But she does. And I still speak.

But as I sat in church yesterday during the message my mind became distracted from the preacher as I wondered if I don't do the very same thing. Sure I don't do it physically, but do I do it internally? Do I attempt to be things He has not created me to be all for the sake of being "better"? Have I not put things in my life that perhaps He never intended to be there?

Did I search for a job in a career field He didn't want me to be in just because it was more "professional"?
Did I look at missions trips when He just wanted me to learn to witness to my next door neighbor?
Did I think my house has to have a certain "look"?
Did I think I needed to see all the most popular movies and tv shows so I could develop friendships with the "world" by being "current".
Did I think I needed to dress a certain way because my own taste might be thought "odd".
Did I need to stop sporadically talking in a British accent because people might think it's weird?? Ok, maybe I'm getting a little too personal. :)

Point being, there is something genuine, beautiful, and unique in each of us as to our personality, and His plans for our lives. Some of us are destined for wealth and riches because of His plans. Others are destined for wealth in faith and jobs that put us just below the poverty level. Some of us will make our friends at mommy and me classes, while others make their friends chatting it up with supermarket employees.

We're different. But sometimes we're different from what God has planned for us because we don't quite get his plan or think it's "pretty" enough.
But maybe we just need to grow into it.
So, if you're just enjoying your hair and add another color just to play with it - go for it.
But if you're searching for beauty - discover your beauty in the brown.

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