Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eavesdropping in the ladies restroom.

I was visiting the ladies restroom when I heard a young voice call out from the stall:

"Mom? Are you still out there?"

Not even a moment passed before a tired looking woman leaning against the wall returned "Yes, I'm here".

In that moment I realized, how such a simple question could lead to panic. The child sounded fairly confident when she asked, but had the answer not been so forthcoming... I can easily imagine the fear that would have gripped her young heart.

I wonder, how often we call out like that to God and just don't recognize the answer. Or if sometimes the answer is to trust that when we can't feel Him he's still there -whether we hear Him or not- just because He said He would be.

It's not easy. And sometimes it just downright feels unsafe. But I love that I have a God that when I call out from the recesses of a darkened, small place, fearful and afraid - He's patiently leaning against the wall still. Never having even considered abandoning me. No matter how long I take.

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