Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I wouldn't let a 2 year old run in the street.

I've never been a good Bible teacher. I'm horrible at remembering verses, or where they are found, and so often I just don't see the amazing connections that other  people find in the Bible.
But here's what I can do - I see, constantly, examples of God in the mundane.
If it's my only talent, it's one I'll keep.

Some of the things I see are so special to me (and possibly only me). Yet, usually, they are utterly simple.

Tonight, I took the girls to the nursing home to visit someone. As I pull 2 yr old Precious out of the car I tell her to "Stay put" then I reach for 1 yr old New Kid. As we start walking towards the nursing home I'm adjusting New Kid in my arms when Michaela reaches out and says "gotta hold my haaaaaaaaaaaaand". She's right. I remind her (though apparently she doesn't need reminders) that anytime we're in the street or a parking lot we need to hold hands so she won't be hurt.

Suddenly, flashing through my mind come all the times I'm willing to let go of her hand, and all the times I require her to hold my hand. If I know it's a safe environment, I let her go and hope that she stays near to me so I don't have to tell her to stay near, or go searching for her.
If we're in a crowded environment, or surrounded by expensive things, or places that are obviously dangerous like the streets/parking lots I guarantee you I'll be holding her hand. I also hold her hand in unusual circumstances that I think she'll be nervous in, so she'll feel more confident.

It was in the middle of those thoughts, I wondered about how often God holds our hands. How we feel so much closer to Him in the middle of trouble (because He's holding our hand), and how we're more likely to stray from Him when things are good (because He's let go of our hand in the safe areas). And how in the safe areas, He too calls us to stay close to Him.

It was poignant to me. Just how clearly it all fit. Precious doesn't want to hold my hand in the safe areas, but those are also the times she's more likely to get into trouble. But trouble/fear is usually what drives her to my side, holding my hand.

If it weren't for valuable troubles, I wonder how fewer Christians there would be in the world.

All these thoughts simply left me wanting to be more childlike, yet as a very obedient child that likes to stay by her Fathers side.
Jesus, Hold my hand.

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