Thursday, July 20, 2006

Falling short of a 5 yr old

In my last post, I was talking about how pure the love of my nephew was. How I wish I were as capable as him of loving God more than I despise my own discomfort. Well, I'm sad to say I'm not doing so well.
I prayed God would help me get out of debt, so He gave me work to do.


I prayed God would bless my company with more contracts. So He gave me two new contracts.

Unfortunately, He did that just as my co-worker went on vacation and I'm left here with 15 jobs to fill and no people that want to work.


I prayed God would impress on everyone in my church and family how important witnessing is, that we'd have a hunger and a burning desire to bring others to the foot of the cross.
Good news is, this week I actually saw the fruit of my witness (and several others witness) to a man and was able to personally pray with him to ask and accept salvation.
Bad news is that He impressed the urgency of the needs by taking my sister-in-laws Grandmother from us unexpectedly in the middle of the night. She was a good good woman, but I can only pray she had come to a point where she turned her heart to God. The rest of the family needs to know the fear of what can happen to them if they fail to listen to Gods call and repent. You never know what will happen in the middle of the night. You never know what might happen driving down the road. You don't know that the next tornado that passes through Texas, or the next hurricane that slams Florida or NO, or MS, or AL won't bring you to an unexpected end.
You don't know that the next time you go to the dr, he won't find a lump, an irregularity, an abnormality - something and say the dreaded words "I'd like to run more tests".
You don't know.
Here is the good news though, GOD DOES KNOW. Ask yourself the next time you feel the urge to go to the altar "What if He's urging me now because He knows there won't be a later?"
The same standard applies to witnessing. Next time you feel the urge to witness to your co-worker, friend, loved one, grocery store clerk, salesman, beautician, mechanic, neighbor... "What if He wants me to share the gospel today, because there won't be a tomorrow?"
God knows what he's doing. And when you're walking with someone that knows the future of you and everyone else in the world... only one rule applies
Do what He says, when He says it.

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One Sided said...

After being in Connecticut for 10 years and away from my fmaily in New Mexico my mother decided it was I who should preach at the family reunion.
My father tried to pick a fight with my Mom so he would not have to come.
Mom has been called home to be with the Lord. The Lord has left my Father here, giving him more time to make the decession needed. God has provided me opportunity to speak to my father at time straining our relationship. As much as it hurts, God has shown me that I have done what was required of me. The old testiment says that if I have a brother who does not know the lord and I do not share , then his blood is on my head, but if I have a brother and share but he does not accept, the his blood is not on my head.

I am so thrilled to see you recognizing God at work in your life in so may ways.

My you continued to be blessed in his service.

Your Brother in Christ