Thursday, June 26, 2008

#3&4 leave.

Friday the 13, at 3:30am two little girls under the age of two were brought screaming to my home by CPS. Wednesday the 25th at 6:00pm two little girls under the age of two were taken screaming from my house. Darling (22mos) and Precious (6mos)

This is the 3rd 'let go' I've had to do, and by far the worst. The oldest knew something was different and got upset while we were still at daycare as we collected all of their things from the daycare. The screaming commenced from there, and could still be heard as the cps worker drove away nearly 30 minutes later. We did calm some on the drive home from daycare, but the cps worker picked Darling up once we got home and she just started screaming. Precious, saw her sister screaming and joined in.

It's just one of those things you remember, and wonder how long it would take to forget. The crying and reaching for me, snot running from her nose, damp tracks where you see the tears have traced down Darlings cheeks.

All that said, they are being returned to their biological family and, assuming everyone involved has made the right decisions - I'm sure Darlin' and Precious are much happier now. I hope they get over the trauma and fear of the last 12 days. May they never experience anything like this again, for the rest of their lives.

Jesus, here's two more kids to hold.

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