Saturday, December 20, 2008

What does God say?

Jon, over at Stuff Christians Like, wrote a great post "Fixing Our Motives" and I want to give you the snippet of what he thinks God might say to him. Please stop by and read the whole post though, it's terrific.

Don't you see what you're doing? This is the enemy's favorite lie. This is the idea of needing something else when you've already got me. This is the same lie that he told in the garden. Adam and Eve already had my presence, but he told them there is something they were missing. This is simply a way for the enemy to put conditions on something that is unconditional, my love. What you're saying is that your motives aren't pure. They aren't noble. You come to me with a wish list sometimes. Your heart is in the wrong place. You feel guilty and distraught, because your heart isn't right. Well stop. Stop thinking you must stand outside my presence waiting until you have the right motives to come in. You will never be noble enough on your own to come into my presence. That is why I sent Christ. You will never have a heart that is pure enough before you can come into my presence. I alone can purify and sanctify your heart. That is something that happens in me and through me, never before me. I make motives noble. I make hearts pure. Not you.


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