Thursday, December 18, 2008


I don't smell nice.

I've been out of water since Tuesday when it all froze in the pipe.
I got it unfrozen, unfortunately when I did that, it unfroze on full blast and won't go off.
My own attempts at repairs were going well until an unfortunate move sent a geyser flooding into my bathroom.

Then I received word that I was being offered a new job.
Then two lights (brakes and alternator) went on in my car, and a wheel started knocking.

Then the car died.

Then I realized my kitten was pregnant. What nasty Tom went after this poor kit?

Then, some lady walked into my office and showed me horrific pictures of kids that are "cutters". It came out of no where and was entirely unnecessary and almost insane that she shoved this paper in my face and continued describing horrible things to me - me, someone who only wanted her signature on hiring papers.

All within 3 days.

I need a nap.


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flyawaynet said...

Nance, when I first read your commet, I almost went in and changed my title from "Wow" to "Yikes" :)
It seemed like a very fitting word.