Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beyond frustrated and beyond.

This post isn't what 9/10ths of it will look like. So read the whole thing or you might just get depressed.

I was beyond frustrated when I got to church tonight. It seems like I've been sick for the last three weeks. It's not true of course but frustration doesn't usually have to have a basis in reality. Two weeks ago strep throat began, but antibiotics quickly made short work of it... right up until a stomach virus knocked me out for two days during which time I stopped taking the medicine. By that point I figured that after two days out of the medicine there was no point in restarting.

Monday night I got irritated as I went to bed wondering why I suddenly had a fever again.

Strep throat came back with a vengeance at 3am Tuesday morning and I haven't had a fever free moment since then. I got to church tonight with the simple idea of one more thing to get out of the way before I could go home, finish those "one more things" and go to bed.

I was beyond frustrated when God went beyond my frustration.

I think it was about the third song we were on when, as I was playing the piano, I really looked at the words I was playing. I don't know spanish, I just play the piano for spanish church, and I read the words "agua viva" which I knew meant "Living water".

It just made me think beyond the frustration for a minute, to a God a living water.
Then we sang about "When the spirit of the Lord moves in my heart I'll dance/pray/sing like David danced/prayed/sang."
By the time we got to "Enamorame de ti Senor" there was a difference in the whole room.
Then, by the grace of the God of the beyond, a man, someone who hadn't been to spanish church for quite awhile, walked in already wiping his eyes.

It's easy to get distracted by stupid stuff. But whether you feel good or not, the important thing is still the important thing. God's still God, no matter how you feel, no matter how circumstances look, no matter how frustrated or aggravated or angry you are.

It's all too easy to lose sight of that.

So don't.

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