Sunday, February 22, 2009

What if - Opposite day.

Curiosity not criticism... and maybe this is more commonplace for some of you, we had a request that fell along these lines in church tonight and that's what made me think about it. But it's really rare for me to hear requests like the ones I'm about to mention.

But, what if instead of prayer requests for sickness, if people called out prayer requests for growth?

"Sister so-n-so would like to show more grace this week, let's pray for her."
"Brother so-n-so is praying to receive the Holy Spirit let's make sure and keep him in prayer"
"Sister so-n-so is struggling against Gods will for her life - let's pray she submits to His perfect will."
"Brother so-n-so has an opportunity to practice longsuffering this week, let's keep him in prayer."
"Sister so-n-so is seeking the gift of prophecy let's stand with her in prayer."
"Brother so-n-so is seeking wisdom, he's got some situations coming up and we need to be vigilant in praying for him."
"One of our youth is having a hard time remembering to seek God during the week, let's keep him in prayer that God would fill him with a fresh hunger for time with God this week."

Question - do we spend more time praying against bad nonspiritual things, than for good spiritual things?

What if, someone got a cold, and we all got earnest about praying they would receive a greater anointing of the Holy Spirit during this time, rather than relief from their physical symptoms?

What if, when someone has financial problems, we'd pray God would give them opportunities to display extraordinary faith by sending in opportunities for them to help others?"

What if, someone was having problems with a co-worker and so collectively we gave God praise and thanks that one of us was counted worthy to be hated for His names sake?

I'm just thinking out loud. Hope you had a good Sunday.

P.S. I could certainly rattle on and on about how it's obviously not a bad thing to pray for the sick. But I'm just assuming it's understood.

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