Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A few posts.

Just a few posts I've found that were terrific. I'd recommend the complete articles, hopefully what I'm able to showcase might whet your appetite.

Bob, over at "In the Clearing" wrote a post called "On not forgiving ones self".
The post itself was great, I enjoyed it. But one thing that caught my attention was something Bob wrote in the comments. He stated that "Preachers are calling people to God because he is great and can help them (God as an extremely versatile personal valet), rather than because they are sinful and in need of redemption." And while he calls out preachers, I believe it's something we all sometimes display to everyone. You're sick? Marital troubles? Money troubles? Work troubles? Well, call the Christians of the church and we will pray God to give you what you want.

I'm not saying we all do it absolutely, without any true gospel message, I'm just saying it's a lot easier to say "I'll pray for your problems, than I'll pray for your sinful state."

I actually kept this thing active in my google reader for nearly 2 weeks because I didn't have time to read it I thought. It was an actual "read". One of those that, I confess, I have to read slowly or the depth of the language he uses might skim, rather than actually sink in. But finally, I went and read this post and it was worth every second it took to read it.
Glen over at "Christ The Truth" linked to this post over at Inhabitatio Dei
Just a snippet: " gets things backwards. It assumes that since God’s being is “exceedingly abundantly beyond all the we could ask or think” that therefore our attempts to understand it are vain and potentially idolatrous. What an awareness of God’s excessiveness and plenitude should do however, is not discourage us from attempting to know God, but rather drive us to that task"
"It is not that God is so ineffable that we cannot speak of God, rather God is so utterly excessive in his self-giving that we cannot ever finish saying enough about God."

And last but not least, Mike over at "On Coffee" wrote out some "Questions":
Wrong question: How do we do church better?
Tough question: How do we deconvert from Churchianity to Christianity?

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