Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S to the T to the R to the ESS.

As you can see I haven't started back up again. I AM still going through the Bible, but the new job I got shifted over to is profoundly stressful. I went from "do a good job" on a larger team to a 4 person team and "It's a new HUGE contract, don't make us lose it." Added to that is the expectation of 99% monetary accuracy. Which isn't just about not making mistakes, but making 99% perfect decisions and being able to back them up enough so that hopefully the contract liason auditing my work will make the same decisions.

I tried to get started again, have even listened to 2nd Kings but by the time I finally got home for the day stress and a LOT of numbers had completely blotted out the blog post in my head.

Just thought you'd like to know what you're waiting on. :)

God is good.

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