Monday, April 03, 2006

The clarity of God's vision

This is kind of a part two of the post on the our 'visually challenged' selves. It's on how God is the exact opposite - thankfully!

I remember when I first moved into my own home four years ago I had a preset idea that I needed to vacuum, sweep/mop and do laundry. My idea of cleaning sort of stopped there. It stopped there so soundly that I never even noticed other cleaning issues even after the dust collected an inch thick on my entertainment stand. I was absolutely blind to some of the faults of my home.
Lately, however, it seems like all I see around my home is dirt. It's been driving me mad the past month that my windows need to be washed, that my blinds are dusty, then I noticed the doors of the cabinets in the kitchen have some streaks and dust and probably grease build up on them. The dirt is everywhere!
I wonder, just how much that applies to my spirit. How much of my spirit lies unattended to while I worry about the specific ideas my mind has already formed about how I worship, how I pray, how I approach God or which parts of my self need to be changed, corrected, restrained.
Along those same lines, if God were to speak specifically to me and tell me to do one thing He would change about me, what would it be? The Bible says His thoughts aren't our thoughts, then what are His thoughts on me?
He sees my faults in a way I don't even see my faults. He sees the sins in my heart that I've self-righteously justified in my mind. He knows me in a way I would never willingly allow someone to know me. And yet He still loves me.
I'm on my way to bed now. My mind is filled with a jumble of thoughts concerning God's amazing love, and something concerning dust, but stronger than anything else, is a painfully strong desire that tomorrow I'll clean out one cobweb in my attitude or desires or whatever, and this home that He dwells in will be just a little cleaner. Even if I don't...the most amazing part is that He still loves me.
This has turned out to be more like a journal entry, than a blog. So I hope you don't mind having spent your time here reading this. And, just in case you're reading this, wishing you felt that same love from God, I'll just tell you He really is only a call away. It's as simple as calling out His name and asking Him into your heart. But here's a warning, the devil doesn't want you to feel that love. And he'll torment you with all sorts of information about how you don't deserve God, that God doesn't love you, and that you aren't really saved. It's probably the hardest lie in the world to get past. But a lie nonetheless
God loves you, He desires you. Trust Him.

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