Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A beautiful moment.

It came down a cold drizzle all day long. ALL day long. From the moment I got in the car at 7am, to getting out at 10pm, it drizzled. It was cold, wet, yucky feeling, and had the distinct feel of a wintery fall. People complained about it all day long, the only good thing they could say about it was that "at least it wasn't cold enough to make the roads icy".

Then about 4:30 this afternoon, I glanced out the door.

Directly out the door is a beautiful tree that's changed it's leaves to a vibrant red. Amidst all the clouds, the sun shone just enough to make the world look surprisingly, and stunningly gorgeous, and the most vibrant rainbow shone for less than 5 minutes. I've seen some beautiful summer days, but none that compared to those 5 amazing minutes.

I don't remember ever seeing the world look so very beautiful.

The mist made everything look so clean, shiny, bright with the reflection of that shaft of light coming from the one visible part of the sun. And the clouds kept things muted enough that the small brightness calmed the eyes, rather than strained them with the brightness of the sun.

You couldn't look at it without taking a deep breath.

You wouldn't think that clouds and rain were necessary to make the most beautiful moment imaginable. You'd think that beautiful moment comes when they sky is a beautiful shade of blue, birds are chirping, everything is green or blooming, and it's whatever you believe the perfect temperature should be.

You'd be wrong.

All those things would make an easy day. Free from worries of fog or rain or ice. But it wouldn't offer you a beautiful moment.

If you were choosing though, would you choose the easy day over the beautiful moment?

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