Sunday, December 02, 2007

God is good.

I just happened across some of my old writings today and I read this paragraph:

I want a bug free life. I want a bug free mind. Peace, real peace doesn't come from running from those bugs the devil has hatched in my mind, but from killing them. And then clinging to the truth. The Truth. For every lie, there is a truth. And I will never find freedom, peace, joy, until I find the truths that God has provided for each lie, and cling.

I came home from church tonight and collected the remains of four bugs off my floor. I've been told they're coming from my neighbors house since he was doing some remodeling. But having just read that paragraph earlier in the day, I couldn't help but think of just how buggy my life really is.

If you've watched my blog this past year, you've seen me bug out, stand up, only to almost immediately bug back out again. Sometimes I'm not even lucky enough to stand up before I bug out again. It's really been a crazy year - in the fullest sense of the term 'crazy'. Maybe that's why my words about finding freedom, peace, and joy meant so much to me as I read them today. Those three things seem ever so elusive.

I want to leave you with one more thought I had in the past:

I believe God is loving, even when I feel unloved. I believe God is just, even when I feel mistreated. I believe God is faithful, even when I feel alone. I believe God is merciful, even when I feel condemned. And I believe God is my comforter, even when I feel overwhelmed by grief

God is good.


Anonymous said...

some very good thoughts. thanks. and goodnite.

One Sided said...

As bad as it sounds, Some folks live with bugs. They are just a part of their life. I am thnkful that you choose to seek and remove bugs from you life.

Brother Marty said...

As ladybugs bother us now and cover the outside walls, and sneak in when the door is opened, I want to just make them go away. But, funny, this year, I see how pretty they are. I see how they challenge me to both get rid of the pests, and embrace what is there whether I want it or not. I choose to embrace.

Pests can be just that...but also a reminder that without them life would be oh so blah. I have "bugs" in my work...."bugs" in my worship..."bugs" in my marriage...and "bugs" in my everything. When pestered by bugs I take a new tact; I seek release from their control over my life, and seek to grow to deal with them and have a better life. Seems like that's what you're all about as well.

Dern them bugs! But they must be good for something!

flyawaynet said...

"Dern them bugs! But they must be good for something!"

Funny you should say that - it reminded me of how some bugs eat other bugs.

I'm pleased to be able to consider that thought.

Sista Cala said...

Just a little note to say that I am still around. Actually I think of you often, something to do w/your name I suspect. Lately, I have wanted to just fly away. Ah, but God is good and his mercy is everlasting. Blessings to you, my friend.

flyawaynet said...

Thanks Sister Cala, I'm glad you still stop by.