Thursday, December 13, 2007

I wonder...

I wonder what I would write about, if I never wrote about God again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, well, it'd be interesting either way. I see from all your posts that I have gone through and read, that you have some good insight and encouragement to others.

I just read about your job at a correctional facility. Takes a strong, but most importantly - LOVING heart to have a job like that. I cannot imagine what you see everyday. My sister is a social worker, and her fun job is to take kids out of their abusive/neglectful homes. She calls all the time and cries over the things she sees.

God bless people like you!

One Sided said...

Humm, I am trying to think of a situation , other than pure fiction that is not about walking away from or toward God.

Nope can't do it.

Just write about what is on your mind