Thursday, November 06, 2008

76 Signs.

A month or so back, a co-worker of mine, Nancy, was having a special guest speaker at a womens group she organizes. She made sure I knew this was going to be a great event (though to be honest, she's said that every time) (also being honest, I don't doubt her).
She consistently bemoans the fact that my work keeps me from attending her group. And regularly mentions that 'someday' that is flittering around in the future when I might be able to go to one of her groups meetings.

Since I didn't get to go hear her last special speaker, she ordered cd's, a dvd, and a book. All of which she gave to me to read and watch first, before she passed it along to someone else that could use it. I did read and watch... all the while under her consistent questioning of "have you started the book yet? did you see the dvd?"

She has a good thing going, an exciting thing, and she wants me to be able to experience it. It's obvious. It was as plain as day that she'd found something very exciting and she really wanted to share it with me.

The book was every bit as good as she made it out to be by the way, as were the cd and dvd's.


I've recently met Ed. He visited my blog today and commented so I went to check out his blog "cross the road" and in scanning his posts he had one that really caught my eye. It was called "The never-ending invitation." In it he mentions a 325 mile journey in which he saw 76 billboards for a store called "Wall Drug". Sure enough, when he reached the city the store was located in, he made a point to see the store that would put up so many signs.

His point, in his post was that no matter how many times people reject his invitations to church and such, sometimes it pays to keep asking.


If I knew a physical person, that could do everything, loved, worked, and spoke like Jesus does there is no end to how obnoxious I would become until you gave in to go with me to meet him.
And I wouldn't be doing it to be obnoxious. I'd just be doing it because... well, because I couldn't not do it.


Ed G. said...

it's encouraging that we can be inspired in so many ways. this recent election was another example. people dedicated every free moment to their cause and candidate. donated more than they could afford. called strangers to make sure they heard. knocked on doors of neighbors to spread the news. met in small groups to celebrate victories. stood for hours. etc. etc. living proof that we can easily do the same for Christ, if only we did.

flyawaynet said...

It is... and you made a good point about how we could do the same for Christ. I appreciate those things that we get so passionate about that we're willing to be a little radical. Because if we can do it for politics, or money, or the environment, the we can surely do it for Christ.