Thursday, November 06, 2008

Goodbye tree

So sometime during the night my tree had something like a heart attack. While it appeared healthy enough, it simply keeled over and died....
Right on my neighbors fence.
Fortunately, he'd built a strong one.
I'm planning on cremation.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and searched my house for a cutting object

Yeah.. that's a hacksaw. And no, it is NOT meant to cut trees.It took 10 full minutes to get that deep, so I headed off to the hardware store and found a saw. Isn't it pretty. :) Note the handy words like "fast" "efficient"

I then buckled down and determined to be more stubborn than the tree, and after a few hours I managed to get this

And this!

I sucked down some caffeine and finally I accomplished this:
Doesn't it look like someones burying themselves in a pile of leaves? Can't you see the legs sticking up in the air?
Now the area is completely cleared (I'll update with a picture later hopefully) since a chainsaw finally showed up and chopped things up into firewood.
I'm sorely disappointed to have lost my tree. It was a beautiful apricot tree. I'll be looking into planting a new one in it's place but I'm trying to decide which kind. So far, amongst voters, the top three picks are apricot, plum and peach.
Any advice?


Anonymous said...

hey muscles!
wow! that is a good cutting job you did there.

how about cherry?

flyawaynet said...

I love cherries! But realisticly with the volume of fruit trees produce, since I'm only one person I figured I would be able to find more uses for the other three options. I'd love to see a cherry tree though! I wonder if just taking up every inch of my yard with trees is an option?