Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm 29 now. Sometime around 3 o'clock this afternoon 29 years ago, I was born.

I've written my fond "glad to be alive, and thankful for God memoirs" every single year for the past 5 years. But on this 5th year of my blog, I can only say something still along those lines.

Every single day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.
Every day with Jesus, I love Him more and more.

Other people have say such things.. I've even said it myself, but then I tend to forget. But every different year as I sit on this day and remember the past year - I realize it's true...again.

This past year has been... interesting. A year ago next month I travelled to San Antonio and returned home dreaming of moving. And now here I am... dreaming of so much more than San Antonio.

I'm thankful for my life within Christ Jesus. I'm thankful for my faith that will soon take me into far more challenging waters and bring me through each struggle with joy and victory.
I'm thankful, I'm happy, and I'm at peace.

I couldn't ask for more on the this day.


alexrod said...

Thts kool dude i am 15 and i thank God to i have been a christian my whole life and it is awesome how God has changed my life. and i hope he changes urs in a mighty and special way

flyawaynet said...

Hey Josh! Thanks for commenting and the blessing.
I hope you're enjoying public school. As a former homeschooler myself I know going to public HS for the first time was... scary to say the least.

I'll be watching your blog, excited to see the changes God is still working in your life.