Monday, March 08, 2010

Why didn't your comment post?

I hated to do it but a few weeks ago I turned on comment moderation. It's supposed to only affect older posts but apparently it affected the post from yesterday.

My blog exploded with activity recently (tripling the standard daily visits) but with that came a whole ton of comments for porn, "enhancement drugs" and other junk that no one needs to read.

One morning I woke up to 18 different sicko comments that needed to be deleted. That was the day I finally gave in and began moderating the comments.

For other comments though, even if you write something as an error (I had a recent comment that was just the letter 'o') as long as it's a real comment from a real person, I'll send it through so you can see what you posted. I'm ONLY screening out the crazy robots that were driving me batty.

So please comment, and just as quickly as I can each day I'll get your comment approved so you can see it.

Thanks for being here!

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