Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In process

I'm in the process of moving.

Which means, I'm getting all my stuff ready to be moved.
On a certain day I'll put all my stuff in a truck and move it.
Some days, even though my stuff isn't quite ready to move, I wish moving day was today. I wish it were today so that it would be done with. It's difficult to pack, but not pack some things because you still have to live here.
When I do move, this house will be better off for the long process of waiting and planning and preparing.
One day though, the planned day will arrive and me and my things will move and it will be accomplished. Then I will begin a whole new world of preparation for life in the new house and all it will entail.

Many times in life that planning, preparing time is when we look around and say "Where is God? What is He doing? Where is He taking me? Why does this feel like a standstill when I should be doing something?"
Because often, the preparation time lasts longer than we imagine it should.
But it's all in Gods purpose, it's all in Gods plan. And you, and whatever He's preparing you for will be better off for having had all the preparation.

Much like moving, I can either sit here and do little, waiting for the day to get closer and moving day will be a miserably hurried, last minute stuff kind of harried rush-around.
Or I can use each evening, and plan and prepare so that moving day is left for simply the actual work necessary for the day - which will be more than enough anyway.

I've been in that place before, wondering why it felt like something should be happening when I felt like I was standing still. I think it helps to put it in perspective with this move. Hopefully, at least in the future, it will come to mind when I am tempted to think God has forgotten to update His agenda for me.

It leaves a great deal of responsibility on my plate though.
It's my job to use each day to be prepared, to grow, to be ready.
I'm in process.

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