Sunday, June 06, 2010

A dear friend

I caught up with a dear friend today. When I first saw her, we were surrounded by other people so I stayed away just biding my time. There's something so wonderful to me about our conversations that I didn't want it to be interrupted when I finally got to sit and and tell her everything.

Finally, everyone was gone, and I needed to leave to run an errand before a second church service began. But after I ran the errand I came back and she was still there so I got to sit down and tell her everything. It's been a very long time since we last got to be together, but as we began I remembered things from long ago to tell her. I told her new things, scary things, happy things, and oh so sad things.

I've cried on her more than anyone else in the world has ever seen me cry. And in the middle of pain, or fear and doubt, she helps me think clearly. When I'm happy, and just thoughtful of how blessed I am - she somehow always reminds me of some new idea that takes me deeper into joy and understanding.

I watch her talk to other people and while I see how pleasant and wonderful she is, it doesn't affect me as much as when she speaks for me. When she responds to my thoughts and emotions. Free, uninterrupted time with her leaves me as peaceful and contented as a kitten lapping warm milk.

All too soon my phone rang, and I had business to attend to and couldn't stay with her anymore. But, Lord Willing, that wonderful piano will still be there next time I visit her.
There is nothing quite like her. I wish everyone could have quite so good a friend.

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