Monday, August 09, 2010

God is able.

There is something strange afoot today.
It's peace.

I expected to be nervous today, looking at my phone anxiously every time it rang or vibrated for any reason. But it didn't happen. Oh the phone did ring, and vibrate, but the anxiety wasn't there. This is a better peace than usual. I tell you, God gets better with age.

I've been resting. Trying to prepare for kids dropping out of nowhere, and it's been so peaceful. During the day I field calls and faxes and newspaper postings for renting my house. I work my job. I continually search craigslist to keep track of the number of bunk beds and cribs available at any given time. I have one twin bed at the moment, it's not enough but I'm not sure which other bed I should get. So I wait.

I get home and sit and plan and pray. Then I rest. I simply rest.

I've been thinking a lot about "This walk" while I'm resting. Quiet tends to do that to me, plus the fact that thinking is pretty much impossible to stop with all the details of houses to rent, and kids to be ready for. But as I thought, I've realized that even from two months ago something has changed for me. There is something different in me that I'm just not used to. I remember walking back to my car after meeting the health inspector and realizing 'I feel strong'. But it's not my strength.

I feel firm. Solid. Strength. Things will be difficult. But I'm standing on a firm foundation and everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be better than ok. It's not because I've prepared enough, it's not because I've seen this before, it's because God has a work for me to do and He will be faithful to complete it through me.

God is able. And if you're feeling discouraged, or just plain tired, if you feel that there's too much for you to accomplish and not enough time, remember that God only added what you can bear. Not a drop more, but sometimes not a drop less. He will see you through.

God is able.

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