Monday, August 09, 2010

A non-crazy blog post.

So.... I looked at my last post and I realized how unexciting it was.
No one goes online to read "everything is swell". People endure those things while waiting for the next twist and turn in the plot. I get that. I got to watch first-hand how this blog grew from word of mouth that probably went something like "Dude, this chick just goes crazy."

So let me just assure you of a few things. Even in times of peace that crazy feeling hits me and I panic. It just doesn't happen to be hitting tonight.

Sometimes, during the moments as I question the future and what it holds and how hard the road might be I'll turn to God with the crazy-eye look and say "HEY! You've GOT to keep a better hold on me this time. I can't do that again, and obviously I'm not able to keep myself so YOU need to keep me. Hold on tighter or something won't you?"

Pain and hurt sometimes blind you to truth. to Truth. And I need 20/20 vision no matter what happens. We all do.

So pardon me these moments of peace and rest and bliss. I'm sure I'll have more drama soon.

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