Sunday, August 01, 2010

Forest Gump, Church, and Prophetic visions...... Oh my.

Church is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.

An interesting thing happened this morning at church. Something that I don't quite know what to do with despite my many years at church and several "prophecies" I've received telling me that I was going to play the piano and God was going to use it. (I've pretty much always been the church piano player, so this is always an easy prophecy to make and win - leaving me all the more skeptical of the "prophet" and his authenticity.)

But this morning, I pulled in to the lot at Grace Tabernacle. Upon many recommendations from my pastor, and even the father of our bishop (for our section of IPHC), I finally went back to visit the church.
I pull up and a middle-aged hispanic couple pull up next to me. I wait to get out of my car so our doors won't fight with each other and I notice the lady keeps looking in my car at me. I figure its because I'm sitting in a car (in San Antonio heat/humidity even 45seconds in a car means you're now a soggy, sweaty mess and possibly trying to commit suicide).

Fast Forward through the service to me going back out to my car. The couple beats me to my car and are waiting by my car door. The man asks if I've got children.
No. But I will soon - and I explain the foster care plans.

He then translates for his only spanish speaking wife that when they drove up, she looked in my car and she saw me brushing the hair of a baby, a baby with curly hair.

It took me a minute to understand what I was hearing, because I began explaining how, no, I didn't leave a kid in the car when I walked in - I don't have a kid. I was sitting in my car, clutching my purse praying I'd get out of the car before I melted. I wasn't brushing a kids hair.

So he explains it again - she saw you. And through the conversation it turns out she has had other visions of things.

I don't know how to take it. Because once they said the words "curly hair" my mind was transported back to a toddler with dark brown eyes, and wavy little curls, wearing a yellow and pink princess jasmine nightgown and sitting on my lap all damp and clean while I brushed those curls before bedtime.

The people then ministered to me, telling me that sometimes people feel alone and empty but God is always there. Which, I was able to agree with because I didn't feel alone or empty. Nervous about fostering - yes, trying not to think too much about my house renting - yes, and thankful for all God has done this week - yes, all that and more, alone and empty - no..

But my eyes had filled with tears when they said "curly hair" so they prayed with me.

I'm questioning it but I don't want to discount it off hand. Maybe it's one of those times where God was doing something, saying something, and human nature adds to it something more because we feel we ought to.
Or perhaps, I'm going to feel very empty and alone in the coming weeks and this is Gods way of putting in His little reminder card "I told you not to feel empty or alone..."

I don't know. I just don't know.


Jeff said...

I wouldn't completely discount it, but I would wait and see if it comes to pass. When God gives a word like that if it is from Him then it always comes to pass.
His words are meant to heal and restore, not destroy.

flyawaynet said...

"His words are meant to heal and restore, not destroy."

Thanks Jeff, I agree.