Sunday, January 27, 2013

I don't have enough???

Each morning, I do the same thing. I peek into my daughters room and grin at her. Sometimes she immediately sees me, sometimes I get a few moments of watching her play in her bed. But eventually, always, her head turns my way and I get the grin that makes every morning just... awesome. She grins and the as quickly as she possibly can she stands up to the edge of her crib and starts bouncing up and down, often shrieking with her early morning happiness.

Then, before I get her out of bed, I dig in her drawers for her outfit for the day.

And sometimes, I just can't find anything.

Yet, this week, as I went through her drawers organizing things for New Kids arrival, I realized just how much she has. More than enough. A little too much maybe, but certainly more than enough.

It's easy to let our lives become jumbled.  Cluttered, and messy, and too busy. When it gets like that, all we can see is "Not enough". But when we stop, we just slow down and take stock of what we have - it suddenly seems like more than enough.

I'm overweight, so I've read a lot of information about food and health and such. And one of the main things I've seen about eating is that we need to focus on our food when we eat. When we eat in front of a tv, or while distracting ourselves with something else, we tend to eat more because we don't realize how much we're taking in. We don't realize we're full.

I think it would be a very simple thing for me to take from my daughter, while I distractedly cook, clean, internet, and more - while she lavishes inconvenient hugs or sticky hands on clean clothes, and brilliant smiles that I can't ever imagine as being less than awesome - yet I don't always look up to enjoy each one.

And I don't want to get to the end of the day, having taken - yet taken for granted with obliviousness instead of with appreciation and joy. It's easy to think you have little. When in reality... I've got more than enough. A little too much maybe, but certainly more than enough.

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