Thursday, March 14, 2013

I quit my job today... what did you do?

Seriously... yeah. I quit my job.

To update you on my life right now, I am a single female, mom to 2 yr old Precious and future mom to 8 month old New Kid (she is with me as a kinship placement and I hope to have her adopted at the end of this year or early next).
The State is pretty strict about the fact that I can't become homeless or destitute before they let me adopt kids.

Didn't stop me though... I quit my job today.

And better still? I don't plan on getting another one.

I'm going to sit at home, advertise that I'm happy to watch kids in my home, and be a stay at home mom.
That's the plan until I go broke, or God sends me kids to watch.

I feel confident that I am supposed to do this. For some reason though, I'm absolutely shaking in my boots that it won't work out. I should have more faith than that by now right?
*** Deep breath ***

That done, I'm going to at least chronicle this craziness on my blog. I will open the blog to the public once again and maybe I'll become a famous "I can't believe she survived that" blogger. Or.. perhaps a "Whoa, did you read the blog about that lady that totally bombed!!!" blogger.

So to any readers that may have done anything similar - I'd love to hear your stories. Did you find a way to work from home? Did you quit your job to chase self-employment? Feel free to comment!

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