Friday, March 15, 2013

Saving money and making changes

Day 2 of "I can't believe I quit my job".

  • I spent tonight doing more math and being a little less frugal in my estimates so I wouldn't find myself surprised at the end of the month that I should have budgeted a bit more for the electric bill.
  • I checked out a 2 day a week paper delivery job that, after gas, would almost cover half of my monthly money needs. I was only able to leave a message.
  • I had a couple of emails about the "services offered" for childcare but nothing that will turn into anything I think. If I were available next week I could have had a kiddo for one week... but I am working out my 2 weeks of notice. If I bomb and this whole thing wasn't a God-thing and just a Jeanette-was-sooooo-stupid-thing, I want to leave my job with bridges that have flowers, shade, and fresh pavement. . . in other words as far in the direction of not burned as I can get.
  • I also looked at one thing that truly makes me shudder. I've cut so many costs there's not much left to cut but one large expense I have each month is diapers. So, *gulp* I'm looking into cloth.

This isn't going to turn into a mommy blog I assure you. It's a Jesus blog. This blog is titled "This Walk" for a reason. This just happens to be what I'm doing to try my best to be obedient to what I believe God is asking of me.  I truly, truly believe God has asked me to raise my girls primarily. That the raising of the girls has to come first. Currently we leave the house at 7:15am, I drop them at daycare at 7:45am, pick them up at 5:15 and we get home at 6pm. Such is the life for many kids and moms, but the last month I've felt a strong urging that God wants something different for me and the girls.

So... while I'm not a mommy blogger, I do have mommy specific questions. If you know of any cloth diapers that you've had that worked just wonderfully I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Have you ever used cloth diapers? If so, what kind?
How many did you purchase to have on hand?
Seriously... how hard and nasty was it?
Did you ever have an explosion?


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