Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are you watching this?

I made the phone call to my mom telling her I wasn't to use my arm awhile. Among the many things she said is that I may be doing all this just so "someone" could see me go through this.

So I ask you.... Are you watching?

For those that are only watching me on this blog, let me tell you what you're missing sight-wise today.

Today and yesterday I practiced my left-handed penmanship. "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." So far my left hands writing ability is about the same range as a 7yr old.
I've scheduled my fire inspection for the foster care program, and somehow even successfully passed a class requiring me to perform the heimlich maneuver.

I've spent hours literally staring at my hand trying to will it to be better or at least different.

I played typer shark a typing game and discovered that my left hand types 34wpm with 97% accuracy. Yes, I'm boasting, feel free to boast about your own times in comments if you want. :)

I've researched as much as I can and found that stress can cause the incessant twitching to get worse so that may be why my general twitchiness has increased since I finally started thinking the was far beyond just being a little quirky. The bible promises perfect peace if my mind is stayed on God. My hand wasn't perfect, but I didn't lose my peace until I gave the problem more attention.

So, if you're watching this, this is me, trying to put my mind back on God.

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One Sided said...

A couple of thoughts.
Glad you are trying to get your your head together. Now that your had has become a distraction it becomes a trial the choices you make on the attitude with which you will deal with the problems it presents become the test.
At the preschool where Ruth teaches one of the other teachers is the mother of a pree teen with MS adn the mother of a 6 month old, and a woman who's husband decided that things were no longer fun around the house and left her. She came to work with carpel tunnel andher right arm in a cast. She strained her left arm. She as cut the cast off of her right arm. She can not miss work because you know who is not paying child support at the moment.
I am not watching, to me that sort of means I am on the sideline not involved. I am praying for you.