Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What would you give?

To save one soul from hell

Would you forsake your pride?
Would you forsake you parents?
Would you forsake your job?
Would you open your house to the homeless?
Would you give all your money, all your goods, to an organization?
Would you give up your free time?
Would you give up your favorite sport?
Would you give up one paycheck?
Would you a stranger one meal every day for a year?
Would you give up a friend?
Would you give up a child?
Would you give up your physical life?
Would you spend 2 hours a day praying for that person?
Would you allow that person to harm you?
Would you give up your cell phone?
Would you give up tv?
Would you give up your car?
Would you give up....anything that actually cost you something?


One Sided said...

Am I assured that my sacrifice will net the desired result?
Or must I be willing to make the sacrifice on the off chance that it will work?
Can I regret making the sacrifice if it saves no one? Or Doe sthis have to be one of those give freely things?
Do I get anything in return? And if I do, does what I gave really count as a sacrifice?

flyawaynet said...

Bible never promises any guarantees, but does promise that all things are possible.
I would assume however that you had some type of knowledge that would lead you to believe whatever particular action you were taking had a specific influence on that specific person.
I don't know about regrets.
You should be willing to give freely though, on only the hope of reward.
Even if you get something in return you can still count the cost as a sacrifice.

flyawaynet said...

What would Jesus have answered?

One Sided said...


To me a gift is without strings, it has no conditions. So when you give something, there can be no expectations on what the recipient does with the gift. There can only be hope. I think Jesus gave of himself that way, in hope.

So I think in addition to your question of "would you" you must ask can you give, without condition and in hope? Because I think if you can, then you would.