Thursday, October 05, 2006

No really, what would Jesus do?

It's become so well known, so advertised, it's on t-shirts, bumper stickers, jewelery, toys, books and music. It's become a symbol.

And I wonder if that's why Christians hide from it now.

Not all Christians, but some. It's as though to prove you are spiritually deep you can't connect yourself with the huge broadcast message that is so widely known to the secular world.

I'm not that deep.

I need to know, every day, in so many situations, what would Jesus do? Would Jesus screen His calls? Would Jesus not answer the door if He weren't feeling well? Would Jesus insist on His own way in non-spiritual issues?

I need to be asked, and reminded that my immediate actions aren't necessarily the very same response that God would have in situations. If Christ were on earth would He use words like heck, hell, god, darn, gee, or gosh? Would He care if others used those words? Or would He only care if Christians used those words? Or would He just not care at all? I know what my reaction is to those words, but what would His be?

There isn't a lazy thought in God, so I know He would keep His house cleaner than I do. His yard would be mowed more often probably, and some of the chores I've put off for another week, He would have done them as they came to Him to accomplish.

He'd be more concerned with the real people dying, lost, around me than the fake lives lived out on tv, whether or not my favorite get kicked off the island, or which dog wins the ugliest dog contest.

His very lifestyle would attract attention that would allow Him to minister to people. He wouldn't get by from paycheck to paycheck because He spent so much money eating out. He'd find himself spending more money because so many people would be visiting Him and He'd feed them.

I can spend my paycheck now. I can pay bills that will sustain me for another month, or I can blow it on eating out, seeing movies and playing games and the very next day I'll have nothing to show for it.
I'm spending my life right now. One day the very last drop of life will be spent and dear God, I ache to have something to show you that moth and rust can't corrupt. Something that will outlast this earth and make it to You so You can see what I did the with the life and talents You have given me. Help me live my life, as You would live my life.

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