Wednesday, March 12, 2008

9,863 days and counting.

It really doesn't seem like that long when you break down 27 years into days.
But surely, that means I've had at least 9,863 opportunities to praise God, or to shame Him.
9,863 opportunities to be a blessing, or a burden.
9.863 moments to choose between anger and patience.
9,863 chances to make the world a slightly nicer place.
9,863 opportunities to encourage someone.
9,863 opportunities to discourage someone.
9,863 opportunities to be brave or afraid.
9,863 opportunities to choose God.

27 years I've been alive. That means, I've also given God 9,863 reasons (though I'm sure the actual number is quite higher) to give up on me.
And 9,863 times - He didn't.

Happy mybirthday.


Linda said...

Happy birthday! No, God hasn't given up on you--now do likewise for yourself!

SLW said...

Happy belated to you! God bless.