Friday, March 28, 2008

Can we win this?

Let me set the stage:

A man, maneuvers himself onto a jury so that he can effect the outcome of the verdict. Each side, both prosecuting and defense receive information on how they can successfully 'buy' the verdict. The prosecuting side is full of the good guys, wanting nothing to do with jury tampering and holding out hope that justice, real justice, will prevail.

There's a moment where the good guys realize that the bad guys (defense team) aren't telling the judge about the juror because the bad guys really are going to buy the vote. You can see it in the good guys face, that all they're fighting for might be for nothing, just a show to put on until the end where justice becomes a transaction, rather than an action.

Immediately after receiving the news, face fallen, the prosecuting attorney turns and sees his client heading towards him and he puts on a big smile. She's been hearing rumors about a mistrial, the jury being sequestered, she's nervous and she wants to know - she just needs to hear it - "Can we win this?"

Somehow, he puts on a forced smile, and says "We can. We are gonna win."

And I realize suddenly, there are two types of good guys in the world. There are those who say "we're gonna win" to keep others going when the going gets tough, and those who need to hear "we're gonna win" to keep going when the going gets tough (and not only that, but are able to keep going just because someone told them we're gonna win - that takes faith too).

I'd rather be the first type.
Somehow I'm neither.

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