Friday, April 11, 2008


I read another blog today about being broken.

It was at a site called Swerve and the post was titled "Am I broken Yet?" I was linked there by Louie over at Marshian Chronicles.

And it just made me start thinking about that term. Broken.

I like broken things.

My old house, I loved it. It was broken. It had been fully and significantly broken (it had caught fire) and had to be remodeled. The most significant changes though when the remodeling was done, was all on the inside. The outside still looked a little thrashed. And it had enough little quirks that you just had to learn to navigate.

The one I liked most was that the bathroom floor was crazily unlevel and unless you were careful you could come out of the shower the fast and hard way.

It was home though, and I loved it. My broken home.

But I knew it's breaks because of the time that I spent there. And I suppose, in that exact same way, God sees how to navigate His way through my breaks, my unlevel areas, and certainly my short-circuited areas, because He knows me. It makes me wonder if God likes broken things as much as I do. Or if He's just all into fixing things so they won't be broken.

As much as I'd like to not be broken, to not have those crazily unlevel areas where it's so easy to fall and trip - I wonder if they don't add to my value in some other way. Though, everyone wants to present themselves as their best, looking their best, acting their best. We don't want those flaws to show for the world to see. And yet, I wonder, in one of those brief moments when I try and consider the breadth, length, height and depth of Gods love, I wonder what He thinks about those cracks that show through on my surface.

My house could have been worth more financially had all those flaws been fixed. But it was special to me because of it's flaws - not despite them. While it's nice to be perfect, level, and free from those stress cracks that every home tends to develop - I wonder if we don't all have more overall value just because of those things.

Unless of course you short-circuit too much and your house catches fire. Then it's pretty much all bad.

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