Monday, May 12, 2008

Foster care #3?

I'm still shaking my head at how obvious God can be sometimes.
My foster home, is on hold. I've been on hold, not receiving any new kids even since before Little One left, because I needed to take some training classes.
And then, even after Little One left, I knew I was no where near ready to take on another kid. Letting go of LO; walking her to that door, and then back down the steps without her, was right up there with getting your tooth pulled without any anesthetic. Hurts.
So I sat and waited, wondering if I'd ever get back in the game.

And at 2pm Sunday afternoon, I wrote the words to a friend, "I'm ready to be a foster parent again."
3pm Monday afternoon (today), I got the phone call.
Keep in mind, my house is on hold.
Yet they called me anyway, with information on a little tyke who needs to be in a house without other kids.
What do you know... I'm one of their only foster parents without any kids.

Nothing is ever set in concrete until they officially arrive, bags, or no bags, in hand. But I just can't help but shake my head sometimes and think that, of all the things that God is unclear on, a little vague, too undetailed in His explanations; every now and then He does something so painfully obvious that you can only sit back and accept it.


Heather said...

I'm considering becoming a foster parent and stumbled on your blog through a Google search. I've spent over an hour now reading about your fostering experience. My husband is a pastor in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We have two little boys of our own, but feel we may have room in our lives for foster children. I really enjoyed reading your blog and plan on checking back often. Thank you for being so honest and transparent. You certainly can't go wrong when you love a child like Jesus Christ loved us.

flyawaynet said...

Hi Heather!

I checked out your blog. Your kids are cute!

I'm glad you're considering foster parenting. It hurts like all get out, and the stories you hear attached to the faces you absolutely adore makes you sick to your stomach sometimes.
BUT THEN, your 3 yr old former foster daughter runs from her pew to the piano at church all because she "Has to tell you sometin" only to have her whisper loudly "I luv you".
Or you watch a child go from angry and older than their years to, just being a playful kid and all these little things add up to let you know you've made a difference. And you realize, especially after enough people tell you they wouldn't do fp'ing because it would hurt them too much - that it's not about you anymore.
As much as I think about the hurts, and how difficult it is, I know, deep down, it's not about me. I can handle the pain (with a lot of God-intervention) but these kids need something to hold onto.

Feel free to e-mail flyawaynet at if you have any questions.
Also, a good source of information is at the forums at You need to look at the foster/adopt forums. It's just great information, from real foster parents, and a great support.