Sunday, May 04, 2008

A new tank

So, tonight I filled my car up with gas again.

Immediately after I filled up my tank last time I noticed that my gas gauge needle didn't go as far up as it normally did.
And here's what may have happened.

I found out more tips this week. One of them being: Always fill your tank during the coolest portion of the day that you can if it's hot outside. On hot days there's more vapors which means more gas going out of the nozzle, but less going into your car.

I don't know for sure if that's what happened, and I certainly haven't looked up scientific facts on this yet, but that's what it sounds like might have happened.

All that said, I drove 420.5 miles and had to purchase 11.186gallons of gas which comes out to 37.59MPG.

I followed the new tips when I filled up and waited till the cool of the evening, PLUS another tip that suggested I either hold the handle myself or put the lever on the nozzle at it's slowest setting to hopefully prevent even more vapors.

That's all. Drive carefully, and the next time your blood pressure rises while you're stuck behind some grandma Moses out for a Sunday drive.. well, be patient because I could very well be that grandma Moses and if you're too rude I might blog about you.

420.5 / 11.186 = 37.59163


Anonymous said...

is it time to buy a horse yet?
growing a garden this year...with help from some friends. i hope it grows well.

good tips on gas.

flyawaynet said...

Just about. If work were any closer I might right my bike!
Your garden looked nice in the picture. I hope it grows well!