Friday, May 30, 2008

Missin' You.

I miss God.

I suppose sometimes I sit back and accept that this is just a journey and at some point all the puzzle pieces will settle into their places and things will make sense again, or at least I'll be able to figure out what the picture is.

Tonight's not one of those nights I suppose. Tonight I'm just sitting here thinking, I miss knowing God. I miss praying. I still talk to God, but there is a difference in that conversational stuff, and the powerful "I'm trying to move a mountain" prayer. I enjoyed praying those prayers before. They left you trembling and changed, or at least put you in a different mindset. Those prayers encouraged me, they told me that while I was praying, power was flowing somewhere and it was charging me up as well.

And now I just can't do it. Now I just sit around looking at God like... "Now what?"

So I guess, for all the things I'm not saying right now, I just want to say this:

Talking to God, really talking to God within a personal relationship is one of the most pleasant things a person can experience. Praying, with faith believing that something spectacular will happen, all because you have that personal relationship with the one you're praying to - is just incredible.
This is probably the biggest understatement of the year, but - God's a neat person to know.

So if you can find your way in, get there. Then do your best never to do whatever I did that got me here.

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