Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you a grinning-thumbs-up-dude?

I rode my bicycle past countless faces. Some zipping by in economical Hondas', other roaring along in their monster SUV's. Some on the phone, others studiously not looking my direction, and others still simply staring at me as I slowly pedal my way down the road.

Occasionally you'll find some one that smiles and waves. Sometimes I'm just happy if they smile.
But the other day, I found the one person I like best of all; he was driving his small white pick up, looking as though he was heading off to work. He swiveled his neck to see me pedaling my way along and he grinned and gave me two thumbs up.

I was thrilled, because I had finally come across someone that seemed truly happy.
I like happy people.

Go back in time to a Sunday just awhile back when I took a step away from my normal habitats and instead went to a Baptist church. It turned out that they were missing their piano player that morning and so I offered to help them out. As I played, the people sang rather unenthusiastically, and never even pretended to clap. As I played, I was constantly trying to gauge myself and make sure I did not get too enthusiastic myself and offend my new Baptist friends.

When the service ended however, I found myself converged upon by people that were excited. It was as though the minute church was over they came to life. One man laughing and grinning even said he expected smoke to start coming from the piano at any minute from the way I was playing... (And that was with me playing in a toned down fashion!). I don't think I could have been more shocked at their comments and the sudden change in atmosphere after the final prayer was said.

And I wondered about who we really are. Deep down inside. Underneath the professional demeanor, the formal spiritual airs, outside the stress of being a mother/father, and the stress of being a single person juggling too many things by yourself.

Somewhere, deep down inside, I wonder if we all have that grinning-thumbs-up-guy attitude just waiting to come out.

I admit, I feel a little beaten down concerning attitudes. Happy attitudes aren't always appreciated, and looking on the bright side or looking for a positive in a situation seems almost as welcome as someone yelling at you. But I keep looking out for people just like my thumbs-up guy. The world isn't full of stoic people that only feel the weight of the world. It's full of some pretty incredible people that just can't seem to get the candle out of the bushel so to speak.

I suppose this post isn't exactly "Christian", it doesn't have some type of Spiritual application or some valuable lesson about Gods character. It's just a post that says be happy. I don't care if I lose my home, my family dies and someone runs over my dog, steals my man and gives me a bad haircut all in the same day. I have reason to be happy. I have reason to have joy.
I want to be a grinning-thumbs-up-guy that just can't be stopped.
Except I'll be a girl.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post. Reading about what God has done is great. But, sometimes it is good to see what someone does in their life, besides the spiritual things.

So, not smokin' the piano must've been difficult. I can hear the holy ghost screamin' "Let'er rip, let'er fly, tickle those keys 'til they catch fire, church goers cryin' as the smoke rises higher, don't hold back, as the fingers of your hands, spread the flames of God's desire". I feel like jumping up and dancin'. Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!

Oops, I took a post about a bike ride and turned it into a sermon. My apologies, Guess It's just the God in me.

InHisGrace316 said...

=) this =) post =) gets =) thumbs =) up =) from =) me =)

flyawaynet said...

lol Destiny, you started my morning off with a laugh. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That is cool! I am glad you found one person to brighten your day while you rode your bike.


Anonymous said...

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