Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the winner is....

Update on the updates: My winner never claimed the prize, so a new winner was selected tonight under the careful supervision of two kids who were apparently rooting for their mother. Nevertheless, the new number chosen by was...


Which goes right back to Kristi (my original mis-named winner). Apparently she was just meant to win. The prize will be shipped out this week Kristi.

UPDATE: My sincerest apologies, but it looks like I err'ed (and disappointed the wrong Kristi) But the winner of the videos was KristY not with an "I" at the end. Kristy please e-mail me your address to send the videos.

If I haven't heard from the winner by this Sunday at 5pm, I'll get a 2nd random number and we'll draw again.

I've been excitedly watching the clock, forcing myself not to count or do mock drawings and such. It's been a hard wait for me!

But, I surrounded myself by witnesses and counted the entries, (38 total) and the winner handily chosen by "RANDOM.ORG" is #19.

Should I stall while you consider counting the comments yourself???

#19 is Kristy!

Kristy said...
I would love to win these for my family!

7:50 PM

Congratulations Kristy! All of the entries certainly paid off.

But I want EVERYONE to know how much I appreciated their participation. This is the biggest thing this blog has done and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you all for playing and I can assure you, as soon as possible I'll have another giveaway.

Any suggestions as to future prizes you'd like to see?

Kristy - please just e-mail me with the address you'd like me to ship the DVD's to.
Congratulations again!


Simbolos said...

I really enjoyed of His blog, very interesting.
hug from Brazil!

Kristi said...

WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! :) I'm excited to watch them...thank you!