Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't die for an apple.

I truly wish that I could remember where I saw this. I sincerely apologize that I'm not able to give credit where credit is due, but if it was you and you wrote this if you'll comment I'll be happy to give that credit.

I was shocked to pieces at the simplicity and obviousness (and yes, I checked, it is a word) of something that I'd never thought of before: The fall of man came because Adam and Eve ate an apple.

Not because someone murdered someone, or blasphemed the Holy Spirit, not because of fornication or greed, not because of violence or hate. But simply through the eating of an apple. Because in eating that apple they weren't obeying God.

We love to assign different levels of 'bad' to sin. Obviously eating an apple that you're not supposed to eat is nothing compared to murder right? But for God, disobedience was the key. Whether you're disobedient in big or small, all is important to God.

So keep in mind while you discount the small disobediences in your life - God isn't discounting them along with you.

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