Sunday, April 18, 2010

In case you're wondering...

I have really awful internet right now that makes it take about an hour and a half to upload my posts. That's an hour and a half of concerted effort.

It's also an average - sometimes it's taken longer.

So, let me just put that forth as evidence of how much I love writing and posting and hoping for your comments. I sit at my computer an hour and a half after I get it written - just trying to get it to upload.

It's by far the most frustrating thing I've done in a very long time - and I've been playing balancing games on the new Wii, so I have plenty of experience at frustrating.

But, that's the reason I'm not posting too often. I've had dial-up that worked with more consistency than this.

As my personal review concerning Clear, the alleged internet provider, YOU STINK. You allow me to check my e-mail and randomly allow me to see google reader (if you're in a good mood), you tease me concerning youtube because you allow me to search more often than you allow me to see videos (which you only actually display 1 time out of 199,002,372,847 times - yes I'm sure I've tried that many times) and you forever promise that a magical tower is going to be put up in my area that will resolve all these issues. The magical tower date was supposedly last week - you lie. If I got a penny back for every time my "Page could not be displayed" , well, lets just say we wouldn't be cutting you a check each month now would we.

So... anyway friends - my internet is giving me problems as you can see and it's been nearly impossible for me to post unless I'm willing to devote quite a bit of time each night to the mission of just getting the blamed thing to "Publish".

I apologize, and I miss you. I've been writing - but typically after 45 minutes or so I just give up trying to make it post.

But I hear my internet pretender is soon going to put up a new tower near my home and that will fix this. Any week now really.


The best end I see to this is that in July we're all moving out of this house - so I can personally guarantee that I will NOT be chosing Clear as my internet pretender there.

Though I can assure you, as with this post, I will make the effort to get something posted as often as I can. This blog is too important to me to let slide. So stay tuned! Really.

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