Saturday, April 03, 2010

Special request!

Good morning everyone!

I've looked and looked for a KJV Bible that doesn't have verses and chapters. But I haven't found any yet. The best I've found so far is an ESV, but I really would druther the KJV.

If any of you have found one, made one, or knows which online sites allow you to read in that format - I'd really appreciate your linking me to it.


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Anonymous said...

just found your blog... You have some great words!

I find it interesting you wanting a Bible without chapters and verses. I am looking for one that doesn't have the title breaks. I noticed recently that a lot of times in the New Testament, whereever someone put in a title, it splits up Jesus' messages that go together! And I think that sometimes with those inserts, it can take away from the word because we separate 2 things that were meant to be read as one passage.

Good luck in your endeavor!