Monday, April 05, 2010

A word about Craigslist.

Well, the good news is that I'm not afraid anymore. I went out yesterday and met yet my 2nd car dude Andre (which apparently I need to clarify, he is a completely separate contact that had nothing to do with the first event).
If my gut screams at me again, I believe I won't be quite so foolish again.
But I won't run unnecessarily.

I'm happy.

But I still don't have a car.
While it is a wealth of great "deals" craigslist is is frustrating source of tidbits of incredible usefulness hidden amongst a thousand and one scams, weirdos, and people that just don't show up. It did help me get two buyers for my car within a week though... but shopping on there has been unreliable.



Sistahs After God's Heart said...

Just make sure you be careful and use your instinct and the Holy Spirit will tell you when things just aren't right! Theare have been so many horror stories about Craigslist that you haveno choice but to have your guard up.

Rondell said...

Why you not going to the car dealership like everybody else? You too good or something?

pollicino said...

Hello, your blog is precious.