Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gods signature.

Well, I thought it was foolish to be so intrigued by something so... um.. well. mundane. But a commenter, Sherry, who is actually one of my favorite followers just because of her profile information (I'm not kidding either) well, she, unfortunately for all of you, has encouraged my oddball habit of seeing God in everything around me. So despite the fact that I told myself not to be silly enough to write this post, I'm writing it anyway.

And you can all blame Sherry.

I don't know how many of you use Adobe Acrobat. I never did. My computer at home doesn't even want to allow me to open .pdf files. My new job however, opened up a world of new programs to use and Adobe Acrobat is numero uno on our list of favorites.

I make and save dozens of files each day. But one special one that I put together for each packet gets my signature. Obviously I can't sign it, so, thanks to Adobe Acrobat's nifty tools, I have an electronic signature that puts my name and business information on the signature line. It makes my packet official.

If I fail to sign it, my packet would not be processed which could end up making my company financially responsible should the claim not get approved because it was held back because of the signature. My signature is the stamp of approval which gets my packet where I need it to go.

But what's intrigued me about this signature is the question it asks me every time I put it on the packet. I create the packet, then sign the packet and every single time Adobe informs me that because of my signature my packet is going to be replaced by this same packet with a signature. It doesn't wait to ask me that till I close the packet, no, instantly, because of this signature it must be saved as a replacement of the old file. If I click no, that it cannot replace the old file, the signature will not be added to my file as I need it to.

I save a lot of things. But rarely does one thing I save completely overwrite another thing saved. But when I put my signature on this, the old packet is gone. The new packet is all that's left.

There's always a moment of hesitation, even though I know what the answer is going to be. There are only two options "Yes" "Cancel". I know I have to click yes, it's the only way. But there's always a moment when the question pops up that I look at it and think - am I letting God's signature in my life replace the old me.

I know. I told you right from the beginning that it was dorky. If you're a regular blog reader though, you probably already knew corny was my middle name but hey, to quote Popeye, "I am what I am."

I've seen something in myself too many crazy time for this not to strike home with me. It's like I want to make two packets. One of "me" and one with "me and God". I'll add history and files, goals and hobbies to the "Me" packet and neglect the "me and God" packet. I try and be two different people. One that's Spiritual and Holy and all God-happy. The one that loves worship and holiness, miracles and good preaching. And a second person that goes to wrestling matches and watches a friend drink enough to not cry when they get something pierced.

Adobe Acrobat doesn't give me the option of having two files though.
And God doesn't either.
I hope you're not laughing too hard at my unusual sense of God, but if you are I hope you pick yourself up off the floor long enough to hear the sadness and sobriety in my writings as I say how much, with my whole heart, I click "Yes".
I want to replace the old me, with the one with His signature.

If only it were always as easy as the click of a button.
But there's only one me that I'm so proud of, so absolutely enjoying, so crazy happy and secure in. And that's the one with God in it. It's the only one I truly want.
It's the only me worth having.


Sherry said...

Awwww, you made my day! Silly or not, I stand firm in my compliment that it's cool you see God in each and everything you do. I am thankful for these posts b/c it's sparks an interest in my life. How many opportunities pass me by each day that I could have witnessed God's hand but I was too busy focused on me and not seeking him? God has lead me down a crazy path these last few years but finally I am beginning to see how he is molding me each day. Keep on blogging - I'll be reading.

flyawaynet said...

Thanks Sherry. The first day you followed me I checked out your profile information - you have a terrific way of describing yourself. I've enjoyed you ever since. Plus you live in the best state on earth. What's not to like? :)

shasha said...

It is actually nice that you see God in everything you do. It is like getting to know him one step everyday and it is such a wonderful feeling. one thing is for sure, God never disappoints.

flyawaynet said...

Sasha, you sure got that right!

Anonymous said...

Though I am not a Christian, I am very glad I stumbled upon this blog. Allow me to be one of your followers...Ma'am! :)

Moving along, I love your "unusual" sense God to referred to at the end. It's quite amazing the change one can see in his/her life if such mentality was adapted. God's Signature and let me add signs are quite literally everywhere.

Thanks for sharing this piece, and God bless :)

flyawaynet said...

Amico, consider yourself wholly "allowed"!!!! And happily so. Glad to know you'll be back.