Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's Gods business?

Saturday was a long and tiring day, it had begun at 1:30am, followed by a 5 and a half hour drive, followed by 12 hours of trying to make my old house that I'd rented out, livable again for someone else. I'd listened to the neighbors as they came over to tell me how awful my renters had been, I'd photographed damages that don't even make sense how it occurred, and I'd even looked at the sites where they'd set fires around the house. It was a draining day in several ways.

I was ashamed at what I'd put my neighbors through. And disappointed in my renter more than I can express. I expected so much better from all of them.

As all of this was rolling through my head, I happened to mention out loud that I intended to pray a little harder for my next renters. And that's when it happened.

Someone had stopped by to bring me some more supplies and help me move the heaviest item, and they said to me, in no uncertain terms, "God is not in the property management business" They went on to say that no matter how much I pray it won't stop someone from doing me dirty. I can pray or not pray and it won't change a thing. (I'm paraphrasing because I was trying to go temporarily deaf after he said those first words).

Once I came home, and got a little bit of sleep, I finally took the time to think about what he had said and why it was wrong.

If God isn't in the property management business it's because I haven't put Him there! I absolutely do not believe that there are certainly areas in our lives that God just doesn't care about. That God just leaves us alone in and shrugs off whatever it is that we're doing and going through and ignores.

I think there are areas of our lives that we hope God ignores, like our habitual sins, our willful disobedience in certain areas. When we make a decision we know He was against we hope He just ignores it. When we take a job He told us wasn't in His plan, we hope His just leaves it alone. When we make a financial decision that costs us quite a bit and was unnecessary, we hope He still blesses us and maybe even blesses a little "extra" to cover the expenses we just racked up.

But even those areas have Gods attention.

Because WE have Gods attention.

God cares. He cares about my renters, He cares about me. He isn't some magic genie that I can just tell Him what I want and He goes and gets it for me, but when I pray that God will bless my renters, and draw them to Him, that He will give them peace and wisdom - I believe He hears me. And I believe that puts Him in my property management business. And any other business I have in this life that I'm living for Him.

Tell me what business God isn't in and I'll tell you an area in your life you've forgotten to pray about.


wendyworn said...

I'm so sorry about the distruction your renters caused. What that person said was a lie. God isin the property management business. In addition to praying for your new renters, pray for the old renters who did this. They are most definately in need of it.

I really enjoy your blog and I pray for you! God bless!

flyawaynet said...

Hey Wendy, sorry it took so long to get your comment published, for some reason I didn't receive the alert!

I appreciate your words, and especially the reminder to keep praying for the old renters. I expected better from them and I know they're better than this mess. Thanks again!