Friday, July 30, 2010

Sharing your miracles - Testify.

One of my many favorite songs is one that simply says "Look what the Lord has done" then it goes on to list what He's done. "He healed my body, He touched my mind, He saved me just in time." That old song makes me happy.

But it's a story that isn't meant to be confined to song.

It's a story that's meant to be told.

One of my many complaints with our local churches today is that there is rarely an opportunity to testify. But as I came across something to bear witness to the power and love of God (see:testify), I realized I'm an idiot if I wait to tell someone until someone in a church building asks people if they have anything to say.

My opportunity to testify isn't on a Sunday evening during the 'small crowd'. It's Monday - Saturday to a huge crowd. It's Friday afternoon to the checker who checks me out at HEB. It's Tuesday afternoon through a mass e-mail to my co-workers and friends. It's Thursday evening in a phone call to a friend. It's Monday night in a chat session on Facebook.

The people that need to know God does miracles, and loves us, aren't really the people at church. The people that need to know are all around me, hurting, dying without Jesus Christ as their Savior because I'm too afraid to be 'pushy' with the "Jesus thing".

It's not pushy though to speak the truth, and especially the excitement, of what God has done. And I intend to.

Miracles, are amazing things. To see God working in your life and getting you through obstacles and leading you in directions you never imagined - that just astounds me. So the world doesn't have to believe me. The world can imagine that I'm as crazy as someone announcing a pink elephant just bought me a new car. But that's isn't as important as giving credit where credit is most spectacularly due.

Sometimes your miracle wasn't just for you.
So share it.

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